Orbital's SQL Decryptor

Orbital's SQL Decryptor 5.0

Reformats encrypted objects so they become easy to view and read
5.0 (See all)
Structures SQL Servers using the Nested Server Groups facility, identifies and organizes SQL servers. The SQL Server structure saves it's progress automatically when your exit it. The Decryption Wizard will simply decrypt any encrypted item just by dragging the item into the tab.

Orbital's SQL Decryptor is a high quality, professional Microsoft SQL Server object decryption tool that works with SQL Server 2005 and later. We created the original SQL Server Object Decryptor way back in 2003. And now, with the release of Version 5.0, we've completely re-written it from the ground up, with a slick interface and jam-packed with a ton of new features.
This powerful object decryptor will work on all of SQL Server's encrypted object types:
Stored Procedures, Numbered Procedures, User Defined Functions (scalar, inline, multi-statement table-valued), Views, View Triggers, Table Triggers, Logon Triggers, Database Triggers, Server Triggers and encrypted objects that have been re-named.

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